Unscripted | Creative Writing Intro Class

A 2-Day, Introduction & Intensive | An outside-the-lines approach to creative writing expression that will help you learn to love & live the unscripted life.

Make a little space in your schedule this October to release your inner creativity and discover the excitement of writing again, or, maybe, for the first time. This 2-Day creative writing intro class examines a variety of highly effective skills and practices designed to ignite your creativity. 

WHAT:   2-Day Creative Writing Intensive
WHEN:   November 3-4 (Friday 6-9pm & Saturday 9am-3pm)
WHERE:   The Treasury | 10 North Lee | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma | 73102
COST:   $175 (Includes Fri Eve Snacks & Sat Light Lunch)

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Unscripted | Creative Writing Intro Class

Class Description

Whether it’s your first time to pick up a pen for something other than a grocery list or business meeting, or you are a published author who is looking for a new adventure, this workshop is for you. 

Without the pressure or expectations of a professional writing course, you’ll be invited to explore and experiment with words; just as a toddler plays with play dough - not to build the statue of David, but for the experience of it, the expression of it, the fun of it.  At the UnScripted Workshop:

  • The process is the point. 
  • The story is in the journey, not the perfect ending. 
  • We'll celebrate each baby step, each milestone, each failure and each moment of courage to try again. 
  • We'll throw out the rule book, the conventional and the expectations of perfection. 
  • You'll find a place where it is safe to try and to fail, where you will be encouraged to live outside the lines and discover something new.

Here, you’ll learn to love & live an UnScripted life.


40 in stock

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